TimSimms! (aka Tim Peacock) (timsimms) wrote in bad_service,
TimSimms! (aka Tim Peacock)

Since it's going around today, I thought I'd rehash the experience I had late last fall with a cabbie.

I live in Chicago and live by public transit. Whether I'm taking a bus, a train, or a cab, I rely on others to get me to where I need to go. On the night in question, it was raining, and my friend and I had been at a bar most of the evening. We decided it was time to go home, so we walked outside and looked around to see if a bus was anywhere in sight to take us home. (The street we were on was notorious for lack of regularly running buses...but that's a whole other bad service story...)

We waited for a couple of minutes and a cab finally came. We hopped in, gave our destination, and the guy began to drive. Next to him was what I assumed to be his girlfriend, although she just as well could have been his sister. Either way, they were both hot messes.

About a minute into the trip, he asks my friend and me if we know where the closest liquor store is. We had no clue, and said as much. He takes a turn, saying he thinks one is down that particular street. Mind you, this is in the opposite direction from what we're supposed to be going. He finds the store, stops, and the woman gets out.

Five to ten minutes later, she emerges with a bag, and produces it when she gets in the cab. She opens it, takes a swig, and hands it to the cab driver...who also takes a swig. If we weren't already mortified enough, he offered us a swig as well as he began driving again.

By the time we reached our destination, we were kissing the ground that we were still in one piece. Unfortunately though, in our own semi-intoxicated state from the bar, neither of us remembered to get his cab information to report him.

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