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down to the heart of it

Bad Cabbies, Cont'd

Heck, I'll jump on the bad cabbie bandwagon. It could also be categorized as "Skeezy Cabbie" in my humble opinon. This happened probably 8 months ago.

So, my husband and I live in DC. We were in Georgetown one Friday evening and decided that in our inebriated state, we'd much rather take a cab than the bus home. We're going uptown to Tenleytown. Faster, less crowded. So we hail a taxi. He's somewhat skeezy: was literally eyeballing me as I got in, and eyeballed every woman who was walking down the street as we were getting in - I note to myself after his sneer that I am glad my husband is with me. I increase my nervousness about him as we start driving and he literally turns his head to look at every woman who walks by.

Here's a note: in DC they can pick up additional customers for the cab, as long as they are going the same direction. I believe the rule of thumb is "no more than 5 blocks out of the way". Also, you can opt for them not to do it, but they add a charge.

So, shortly after picking us up, he sees two young women trying to hail a taxi. He starts pulls up to them - my husband says "We'd prefer to just pay the extra charge and have our own taxi". The taxi driver says "No, no I can pick up extra passengers if I want. It's in the rules." - and passes back the sheet that says that he can do it but we can opt out of it ... whatever. We're drunk, we wanted to get home, but, fine, we'll pick up extras - don't feel like arguing it anymore. So the girls get in. They're going .... to GWU/Foggy Bottom area. Which, for those of you who aren't in the DC area is not "5 blocks out" - it is over 4 MILES away. At this point, we say "sir, we're going to tenleytown, they're going the other way ...." and he starts to pull away.

At this point, the girls (also drunk, hell drunker than we are!) and my husband and I are arguing with the cabbie - he's at least taking us to Tenleytown, but he's taking these girls FAR out of their way. "Oh no, I'll just drop these people off and then take you girls wherever you want to go - heh heh." And starts eyeballing the girls.

They want to get out, my husband and I want to get out, but the cabbie will not pull over. Finally, my husband says to the girls "You can get out at Tenleytown with us and take the train from there - that way you won't have to take a cab across town at this point, it will be cheaper." The girls agree that this is what they want to do. The cabbie starts saying "No, no, I'll take you to Foggy Bottom ..." But we're at Tenleytown. And it is time for us to get out.

We make sure the girls get out first, and then we get out. He's still arguing with the girls that no, really, he WANTS to take them to GWU. They say "no, it will be cheaper from here for us to take the train, and they run to the metro and down. We pay our fare (which ... he over-charged us. Again, weren't going to argue with the skeezy scary man). And start walking home - usually, we would have taken it all the way to our house, but in this situation we agreed we didn't want to leave the girls alone with him in the cab and so we'd all get out at one place (ah the joys of text messaging).

I really worry about what would have happened to the girls if we hadn't been there. He was so bloody insistant that he take them in his cab - he wouldn't let them out once they said they were going the wrong direction. He was, my friends, a VERY bad cabbie.
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