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My mother had surgery about a month ago.
She was living with my grandmother who passed away Sept. 26th.
Since it was the end of the month of my mother had to move out.
So, I brought her from El Paso to Austin.
We called yesterday to report her change of address.
My mother was on the phone with the representative...
My mother hands me the phone so that I could give her the address:
*in a very rude and short tone*
"who's this?!"
me - "Excuse me"
"who's this?!"
me- "I believe the proper way to ask that is,"to whom I speaking to?'"
*still short and rude*
"to whom I speaking to?"
me - "her daughter"
"is there a reason why she can't give me the address"
me - "because she doesn't know the address yet and it's easier for me to give it to you"
"can she not read it?"
me- "it's just easier for me to give it to you, do you have a problem taking it?"
"I need your mother's permission"
me - "she handed me the phone to give you the info"
"I need to hear her say it"
*i hand the phone over*
"ok what's the address?"
me - "first of all, what is your name?"
"Daniell from the Chicago dept"
*give her the address*
"I need to get your info for securit purposes"
me - "that's fine but I'm sure there are better ways for you to ask. You are very rude and unprofessional"
stupid bitch quickly changed her attitude.
I tell ya..it's hard enough people have to get disability, they don't need the attitude also!!!!

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