paisley80 (paisley80) wrote in bad_service,

Well, heck, since it's Cabbie Appreciation Day...

1. Told cabbie to drop us off at the corner of *street* and *street*. (Can't remember names.) He said he needed an exact address. I said I didn't have it, could give him directions if he needed. He immediately started off on the "You're wasting my time" nonsense, literally yelling at me, while he was driving in the general direction of our destination. I actually saw the place we were going as he was yelling at me, and pointed and told him "Right there." Couldn't believe my mom tipped him.

2. After my wedding, I knew my dad was headed to the nearest bar to get sloppy drunk, so I wrote down my exact address (he was staying at my house during my honeymoon) and the number of a cab company and stuck the piece of paper in his pocket. Unfortunately, the genius that named the streets in my neighborhood decided to put a 134th Street and a 134th Place right next to each other. I don't know how to link, but you can look up a map if you want, 134th Place, Hawthorne, CA (I haven't lived there in over 5 years). I lived on 134th Place, and the cabbie dropped my stumbling drunk father off at my street number on 134th Street, and told him there was no such thing as 134th Place, when it was literally a block away. Not to mention, knowing the direction the cabbie was coming from, he would have had to pass 134th Place to get to 134th Street! Thankfully, my father was able to find things that looked familiar even though he'd only been in town for a day and found his way back to my house. Not sure if the bad service is on the cabbie, who should know the area better than that, or the genius that named the streets.

3. And the countless times a cabbie would start going the wrong way when I told them I lived on Joseph Street. They always headed to St. Joseph Street. Sigh. They'd usually restart the meter without me asking, but I had to argue a few times. I ain't payin' if you ain't listenin'. And yes, there most certainly IS a Joseph Street. I live there.

So glad I have the money to rent cars now.

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