mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

Since we're on a taxi roll today

about a month ago I was in Atlanta, had driven down for a party, was staying with one of the farkers and another was there also.

Our plan was to cab it into Atlanta and be responsible adults.

We call cab company w, they're out of business.
We call cab company x, they're not answering and we leave a message
we call cab company Y, the phone makes no noise whatsoever on 2 calls
We call cab company Z, finally someone... the local gives the address, and we go out on the front porch to hang out and catch up

About 35 minutes later I mention that the cab was supposed to be there in 20, dude calls the cab company back, no answer

We start getting ready to leave deciding I am going to be DD for the night, or that we would leave my car if I didn't feel like driving somewhere in Decartur.

Cab company calls backs at about 55 minutes, tells us that the subdivision he's in has 6 entrances. He tells them yes, and every single entrance goes to his house and to forget it as it's now 35 minutes past time and we gotta scoot.

We get in my car, head out, the same guy calls back and says he's at the house now (there are screaming kids in the background) and where are we and proceeds to yell at my friend who then mentions there are no kids in his neighborhood and for them to grow up. I think they called back once or twice more.

Very weird

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