^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote in bad_service,

Cab drivers

Ok so I have met some nice cab drivers when I use to travel alot but there are a few that belong in the asshole hall of fame.

#1.On my way home from Dallas I was staying with a friend and she had to work during the day so I order a cab. Most of the guys like to talk but this guy was silent as a mouse. No big deal. I had one big ass suitcase and a carrying on. He didn't ask if I needed help or he didn't come to my aid as I was pulling it out.
He just looked at me as I pulled my big case out of the cab. Thanks pal.

#2.My Brother-in-law and my husband's friend were taking a cab together since they live on the same street from our wedding. During the whole time that they were talking about a women who had disappeared from her school and ended up running off with guy not informing her family she was ok. So the cab driver gets involved in this convo and tells them both that they are wrong for thinking the women was a total dipshit.
So my brother-in-law and friend make the guy stop and let them out a street down from where they needed to be dropped off. Now if I was a cabbie I wouldn't care what my customers were talking about as long as it wasn't about sex,violence,etc,etc.

#3.My friend Nick was done working at the club because they get out at 4am he doesn't want to bug anyone to come get him. He takes a cab and he is drunk.
The guy took advantage of what Nick was under and drove him everywhere running up the meter. Nick saw what the guy had done so he jumped out of the cab and ran like hell.

Now I know these people work hard. They have a right to pick up who ever they want.
They also can tell whoever to get the fuck out of there cab.
They get tips and they get paid for driving people from point A to point B.

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