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Is this bad service?

I'm a college student, so I hope this fits here.

Today was my final in an English class. This professor is very picky about the way he does exams. He has a rule that no one can leave until EVERYONE is done with the exam (or when the exam period is over, whichever comes first). He says he does this because when people get up to leave, it distracts other students. Personally, it has never distracted me before and my entire class thought it was a load of bullshit. He was unmoving on the policy though.

So, while I was looking over my material and sitting in my chair, waiting for the professor to come in, someone says something about a child. I look up, and in comes my professor... pushing a baby stroller, that contains a wiggling, screaming two year old.

Oh yeah, that isn't a distraction. The man who wouldn't let us leave because it would "distract" everyone had brought in his little daughter for the exam. I firmly believe that children have no place in a college classroom, because they all tend to be noisy. This one was no different.

For two and a half hours straight, this child was screaming and crying and begging for "daddy". My professor just grinned at us in that "oh, kids will be kids" way and took her out into the hall, leaving the door open so he could check if we were cheating. We could hear the child's screams echoing down the hall. It was so infuriating that I couldn't think at all. Furthermore, since he was in the hallway the whole time, no one could get up and ask my any questions about the exam.

I was absolutely livid, and so were many in my class. That's just highly unprofessional. I think it's really bad service to do that to your students, especially after lecturing them the week beforehand about "distractions".

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