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Okay.. does this sound right to you guys?

On April 26th or 27th, I tried to use my AAA credit card to get gas.. because I get small cash back refunds when I use it for gas. It didn't approve.. so I used my other card and went on my way. When I got home and checked my account, it was obvious I had NO funds on the card because my payment I sent out had not cleared yet. On the 28th, it cleared and I assumed everything was okay. According to my online statement, I have $350 available.

Cut to a week later, I am putting gas in my car, and the same thing happens. I insert the card, put in my zip code, and it says "unable to authorize." I was a little put off by this, and used my other card again. I had forgotten to call them until today when I tried a THIRD time, and again, unable to authorize.

I called the 24hr customer support for my card, which gave me a run down of my balance and then gave me options of checking another card, something about a pin number, and ending the call. Um... I want to talk to someone? So I called back and hit 0, and low and behold some hidden menu shows up and I can choose to talk to a real person. (why this wasn't an option the first time around is a whole 'nother rant)

Apparently, some chains of gas stations have a real problem with authorizing the use of a cash-back credit card many times in a row.. or that is what she told me is probably the issue. She also issued me a new card, in case it is the magnet strip. I used the card later today, and yep, it works otherwise.

So I am being told that my card, which the whole reason I got was for the cash back on gas, won't work at the same gas station so many times in a row. Does this sound right? I think I might need to call Chevron next to see what is going on.
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