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This entry probably should wait until tomorrow after most of my exams are done, but due to discussions in this post (link), I thought maybe we should have a master list of counties/states/provinces/cities/etc. that have restaurant health inspection reports online. Since this is a bad service community, and we'd all love to avoid bad service, it makes sense to have one here.

Generally, I find that many restaurants with poor sanitary conditions have crappy food/service. If a restaurant has a near-perfect or almost perfect record, they usually have wonderful food and service. In some cases, you can even tell when restaurant management has changed hands by a sudden drop/increase in health code violations. Where I live when I'm not in college, I can tell which of two towns/cities restaurants are in just by the number of violations that they have (less violations = harder health inspectors).

Of course, a list isn't all that useful without some explanations of what critical and noncritical violations mean. As far as I know, critical violations are the ones that pose the most hazard of causing foodborne illnesses, while the more minor violations have little or no chance of directly causing illness.

I suppose some people could abuse this list and will only go to restaurants with no violations at all, but if you're that paranoid, you probably shouldn't be going to restaurants anyways.

One of the sites I already knew, but the rest I found whilst looking other info.


USA: All of Virginia
USA: Fayette County, Illinois
USA: City of Fort Worth, Texas
Nashville, Tennessee Thanks to mildlydisturbed!
And just a big arse list of USA websites. Unfortunately some sites might have the reports more hidden than others. Some sites might not even be accessible. I can look more into it later.
Maricopa County, Arizona Thanks to mauvaise!

British Columbia
British Columbia: Northern Health Authority
British Columbia: Coast Garibaldi Area, Vancouver
British Columbia: Vancouver Island Health Authority

Inspection Agencies for every Province and Territory except Nunavut Thanks to blondebeaker!

Feel free to add to the list!
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