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Royal Mail and the Invisible Parcel

I am so annoyed at the moment. I have been home all day ill. I've just gone downstairs from my flat to check my mail box for post and find a "we tried to deliver your parcel but you were out so we've taken it back to the depot" message.

I have been in all day. My entry buzzer is working fine. The postman never even TRIED to deliver the parcel!!!!

Also, the complex I live in has a security lodge where parcels can be left. It's not there either. I shop on e-bay and amazon a lot and collect parcels left there about once a week. This includes parcels that require a signature So:

1. They've lied about me not being in.

2. They've ignored normal procedure about what to do with the parcel.

I hate them so much. I don't need this on top of spending four days constantly throwing up to the point where I've lost 5 pounds in less than a week.
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