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maybe it's me, maybe it's DHL...

i'm not sure if this is bad, or just annoying...

we have a whole bunch of stuff coming piecemeal from dell via DHL.

the driver keeps trying to deliver it next door. our street number is 63, their street number is 83.

we don't have mailbox numbers, but our street number is CLEARLY indicated on the curb and on our house. we aren't the only ones in the neighborhood that don't have numbers on our mailbox, and i'm pretty sure it's not required (we would have received a nastygram from the postmaster if the numbers were required on our mailbox).

other than putting numbers on our mailbox post (which i will probably do now), is there anything else we can do about it? our neighbors are cool--they will bring us stuff that ends up at their house... but i don't want them to accidentally deliver my new laptop to the neighbors.


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