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CVS Photo Lab

Saturday my Husband and I walk over to the local CVS to have three disposable cameras developed. These are photos of our nineteen year old cat a few days before we had him put to sleep. They are very important to us.

The boy (not out of his teens yet) who took the film asked us if it was inhouse or send out. I explained that I wanted whatever would give me a photo CD as well as prints. He said we could get that with in house.

Went back Sunday and picked up the prints and the CDS. Prints okay. I'm not a world class photographer. It wasn't a great camera. Lighting was iffy... no complaints there.

Loaded CDS into the disk drive of the computer. No images on any of them. Tried the computer, the lap top, the other computer. NOTHING.

Can't load a single photo of Ashford onto the computer because the disks don't work.


We're going back to CVS tonight and gently complain... all we want are the photos of our dead cat on CD format so I can post them and make icons and share... and save forever and ever.

Hope it works out.

*Edited* Someone commented on why I mentioned that the guy wasn't out of his teens. I made the aside so that you knew I was not being delibretly insulting by calling him a "boy". He was a boy, it was a description. He was polite and nice and I have nothing against teenagers. Apparently the comment was deleted. I don't know why...

*edited 5/9/2006 went back to CVS last night, they're going to redo the CDs and refunded me the original charge. (wasn't expecting that, extra niceness) should be done today. Cross fingers.
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