Stacizzle (pinkleberries) wrote in bad_service,

not really a complaint, just pointers

Not sure if this has ever been posted, but I do have a few pointers for people before they complain about some aspects of restaurants.

I have worked in restaurants and have even done health inspections.

If there were two things that I want people to realize it would be:

A) Using gloves does not protect your food from germs any more than using bare hands. Gloves accumulate just as many germs as hands. Cleaning hands is equivalet to changing gloves. Do the research please


B) Many, and almost all fancy restaurants have food runners. Realize that when someone else brings your food, he or she is probably being paid to just run food for the night. Please take this as the company's loyalty to providing you with the fastest service possible.

Finally, if these two things have already been mentioned, please forgive me.

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