ilovealandjm (ilovealandjm) wrote in bad_service,

Del Taco Madness!!

Hi, I'm new here, and I had such a bad service story to tell, so I decided to post it.

So anyways, my boyfriend, my friend, my boyfriend's mom, and I all went down to Indio to go to Coachella. As we were on the road to leave, we wanted to get a bite to eat so we pull into the Del Taco drive thru. (Mind you, it's about 12 in the morning and it was really crowded) After we told the guy our order, the car started making really weird noises. (Something with the battery I guess) We really needed to get out of the drive thru, and since there were only 2 cars in front of us, my boyfriend gets out of the car and asks the 2 cars. The lady in the first car was really mean and refused to move. The second car though, the guy was really nice and he offered to move. Then, the car actually stalled and my boyfriend went up to the window where the guy was working. He asked the guy to move the other cars, but the guy said that he refuses to move the other cars. So, we waited for the second car to go, and then we had to push the car to a different parking lot. The entire time we were pushing the car, the guy was laughing at us. When we got the car into the different parking lot, my boyfriend went inside and complained. The guy even had the nerve to ask us if we wanted our food. Well, we had to spend the night in the car and it was not fun. >:(

Well, that's something that I hope will never happen again...

EDIT: I didn't mean to put it so harshly.. sorries! :) -Hides in corner-
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