Manda (pale_september) wrote in bad_service,

Airport Madness

Yesterday I flew from Columbus to Cincinnati, then to Tulsa. It was very tiring but it saved my Dad a few hundred dollars. When you check your bag in, you only have to do it once. That way you can hop on your plane without having to haul around heavy bags.

I don't own a lot of clothes. In fact, my suitcase basically had every article of clothing I wear. When we landed in Tulsa, we went right to baggage claim. My son's suitcase was there, but mine was nowhere to be found. I figured (prayed) that it was just a confusion and it was somewhere else.

An employee led me to his office, told me it was totally their fault, and said they'd have my bag at the airport at around 10:30 at night. I really wasn't willing to travel to the airport in the middle of the night so I asked if I could just grab them tomorrow. He said he would just have them sent to my apartment since it was a mix-up. I figured I could survive until tomorrow so I agreed.

Today a man from the airport callled and said "Uh, we should drop it off in about three hours. It might be sooner, but something might come up." Something might come up? You guys screwed up and now I basically have nothing to wear. I need to go shopping since there is nothing in my fridge. Believe it or not, I can't hang around my house for three hours with absolutely nothing to eat or drink in my house. Jerks.
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