Cara (notahat) wrote in bad_service,

More maintenance suckery and a question

Back again! :-P This is an update to this post: I know a lot of you don't consider it bad service, but I'm still not getting the service that I'm paying for... and I think that's bad. Ok, so here's what happened today. I'll try to keep it short.

Maintenance Guy (henceforth MG) told me last night that he was going to come back this morning to replace a part on the air conditioner/compressor thing. I didn't mind waiting... But, when it got to be around 12:30PM today and he still hadn't come (12:30PM is no longer morning, right?), I called the property manager to make sure he was still coming. The property manager called him, and told me that MG would be over "in fifteen minutes."

That's what MG said last night, and he didn't show up for two hours (15 minutes =/= 2 hours). While I was willing to wait last night (even though I was a little annoyed), I wish he'd called to let me know he was running late.

Today, I had to leave by 1:30ish because of afternoon plans. I called the property manager back when MG hadn't arrived 45 minutes later. (15 minutes=/= 45 minutes, either) Only then did MG finally show up, after the property manager had to call him a second time to tell him to come over...

Then, MG fiddled around for a minute with the compressor before declaring, "I knew this was the problem last night. I'll have to order you a new unit." He said that it should arrive next Tuesday.

Sigh. I don't think it's bad service to need to order a replacement. It doesn't have to be fixed RIGHT NOW, even though it's pretty uncomfortable without it. But all the waiting was a waste of time. If he'd come when he said he would, I wouldn't complain (well, ok, I still would complain about the lack of AC, but in my personal LJ and not here :-P)... but making me wait all morning wasn't great service, especially since he admitted that he already knew he couldn't fix it right away.

Ok, so here's what I would like to ask you all, since I want to not suck and I'm curious about what you think: If they tell me that they'll be here in 15 minutes, am I being a sucky customer if I call them when they're a half hour late? I don't mind waiting a couple hours, or even a few days for most maintenance issues, but I would like them to give me accurate time estimates. I don't mean to accuse, but some of you seem to think that I should feel "lucky" that he came within a day or two to fix this problem... but he SAID he'd come in 15 minutes, not a day or two. Is it too much to expect that he show up when he says he will?

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