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Why I left Bank of America

I had been a customer at Bank of America since I was 17 so it was roughly 7 years or so. For the first about 4 years I had received the best service, the tellers were always nice and I never had any questions about my account activity.
About 4 almost 5 years years into banking with them an "account fee" of $3.50 started showing up once a month on my statements. As it was under 4 bucks I wasn't too concerned with it so I just let it go.
A little after 5 years the "account fees" went up to $10 a month. I had no idea what they for as I had never over drafted and had been using online banking the whole time and not just recently I went down to my local branch to ask what was up with the fees. I was told that there shouldn't be any fees and that I would get them taken off and I would be reimbursed for the last 5 that I was charged for. Ok cool I can deal with that but over the next year or so every once in a while they would still pop up so the manager at the Bank of America in my home town changed the kind of account I had to a student account so I would be ensured that would be the end of the fees once and for all. That lasted about 4 months.
I went to my local bank last week to inquire as to why I was being charged "account fees" that were now about $15 a month and that was when I met my banks greeter, Donna. Donna came up to me and asked what brought me to Bank of America that day and I politely told her I would just like to wait to talk to a teller. She said that it would be a while and that I needed to tell her what I was there for first so she could "determine weather or not I even needed to see a teller because all of the tellers were extremely busy and I shouldn't be taking up their time".
Ok I get that they do get busy and I can do things like deposit or withdraw by myself but waist their time? I told her that if she had to know I was considering leaving the bank because of the fee issue and that the last couple of times I spoke with a representative they were rather rude. Donna informed me that "well fees are part of using a bank. There has to be a fee for us to manage your money, there's just no way around it. This is one way banks make money". I told her I was able to get the fees reversed before and I was switched to an account that was supposed to be fee free. She continued to inform me that that's not the way it works and that whoever did that for me wasn't supposed to and that they "misguided me". I was annoyed before but after my chat with Donna in line I just didn't want to deal with them at all anymore and I just closed my account and went to another bank.
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