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This isn't my story, so I don't have/can't remember all the details, but I figured this would fit here.

Long story short, a few months ago, the company that my dad has his cell phone with (I can't remember which one it is, I wanna say Verizon) randomly assigned his cell number to another customer - when you called the number it would go to someone else's phone/account instead of my dad's.

My dad's a new teacher and is always job hunting, so of course this had to happen while he was spending every other evening at my grandmother's (my grandfather was dying of advanced cancer so my dad and my aunt would take turns keeping her company and helping with him since the hospice nurses weren't around at night) so he had his cell number down as his main number on a bunch of job aplications.

I don't remember the whole story, but it took four days of literally hours long phone calls from both my parents before the problem was actually fixed.

They tried to claim that the problem was fixed a few times and every time it still wasn't.

I understand that mistakes happen, but dude, something's wrong with your system if it allows that to happen.

Not only did my dad not have a phone for about five days, but some poor other guy had to put up with getting a new phone service only to get calls from some random strangers (my parents kept calling the number every time they were told the problem was fixed to make sure) and having to get a whole new number a few days later because some idiot messed up.

Gotta love technology.

{edited cause I'm cool and can't spell/type, heh}

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