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Bad service with a follow up of good service

I've been a customer of T-Mobile since 2004 and up until recently, I've not had any complaints. Let me give you a little backstory:

When we first signed up for service with T-Mobile in December of '04, we got these dinky little Samsung r225 phones and the family plan (husband and I share 1000 minutes). Cheaply made, nearly featureless and a definite lack of cool ringtones, but what the hey. They were free, right? We're really happy with the plan, though. We've got all sorts of perks. Well, we kept these phones for a year and then one night out of boredom, I surf over to the T-Mobile website and take a peek at the phones that they're offering for upgrades. After a few minutes, I call the husband over and we each decide on a new phone. I got a Samsung e335 and he got a Motorola v188. Hey! Lookie! They each have a rebate. The Samsung had a $50 rebate and the Motorola had a $20 rebate. So, I order them and they arrive two days later.

A couple of months go by when I remember the rebates! So, I went to the rebate portion of T-Mobile's website and printed out the forms. I was in luck, as the deadline to have the forms in the mail and postmarked is still three weeks away. I filled out the forms and attached the appropriate UPC's from the boxes they were shipped in and mail them off. This was in February. I was told to give the rebates 4-6 weeks to arrive. So, I did and when they still hadn't arrived by the first of April, I called Customer Care.

After giving all of the necessary info, the Customer Care rep showed me how to check online for rebate status. We both checked and found nothing. So, he places me on hold and calls the rebate center with the promise of having a rep from the rebate center speak with me directly. After about ten minutes of holding, the Customer Care rep comes back and apologizes, but tells me that the rebate rep was too busy to speak with me. Annoying, but I don't get angry with the CC rep. The CC rep then tells me that the rebate rep told him to convey the message that they've been backlogged with the Motorola RAZR promotion and that my rebate would still be coming. He told me to give it two more weeks and then call back if I haven't received it.

Cut to the middle of April. I call Customer Care and they go through all of the verifying and then tell me to call the rebate center directly. I decided to give it a few more weeks to see if the rebate comes in.

Tonight, I get home and just happen to think about the rebate, so I call the rebate center. I get the first rep and this is what transpires:

RR-Rebate Rep
Me-You guessed it.
Sup- RR's supervisor

RR-Thank you for calling T-Mobile rebates, my name is Blah and my T-Mo rep number is Blah. How may I help you?
Me- *Explains plight*
RR- Okay, I can help you with that. May I get your info to verify the account?
Me- Sure. *Gives info*
RR- *Clicketyclicketytype* Ma'am, I'm sorry, but we never received your information. Unfortunately, there's nothing with can do about getting you your rebate.
Me- *Dumbfounded* I'm sorry, what?
RR- There's nothing we can do about getting you your rebate as we never received your forms.
Me- *Getting pissed, but staying polite* Okay, so let me get this straight. You're saying that you never received my paperwork, so there's nothing you can do? I can re-submit it if necessary.
RR- No ma'am, you have to have the original UPCs in the envelope with the forms.
Me- *Still being nice, but raging inside.* So, you're saying that I'm out $70 worth of rebates, even though I did everything that I was supposed to?
RR- Yes ma'am, that's exactly what I'm saying.
Me- I need to speak with your supervisor, please.
RR- *Heavy sigh* Hold.

And just like that, she drops me on hold. After about five minutes or so, she comes back on the line.

RR- *Bored tone* Ma'am, thank you for holding. I've got my supervisor on the line and he will further assist you from here.
Sup- Hello ma'am, my name is Super Blah and my T-Mo rep number is blah-de-blah. RR has informed me of your *muffledgarbledsomething* and if you would, would you please tell me what I can assist you with, tonight?
Me- Sure. *Begins going into the spiel about the rebate.*
Me- *Now talking to dead air. WTF?*

Okay, now I'm beyond pissed. I call back and a new rep answers.

RR2- *Spiel* How may I help you?
Me- *Seething, but attempting to not take it out on this new rep.* (I explain my problem and finish up with being hung up on.)
RR2- I'm sorry, ma'am. Let me verify your info and I will get you over to another supervisor and I promise this time, the call will not drop.
Me- *Verifies and is placed on hold*
Sup2- Thank you for holding ma'am, my name is NiceSup. Now I've been reviewing your account. Will you explain what's been going on?
Me-*Dies a little inside at having to explain AGAIN, but does so.*
Sup2- Well ma'am, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on the rebates end of things, but let me get you over to Customer Care and we'll see if we can't resolve things to your satisfaction. Would you mind holding?
Me- *Ready to beat my head into the floor at this point.* No. Fine.

The calls are transferred and I'm placed on hold, again. A few minutes after that, a Customer Care rep comes on the line and introduces herself.

CCRep- Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I'm going to need your info again so I can pull up your account.
Me-*For the love of all that's holy, just effin shoot me. Verifies.*
CCRep- Okay, ma'am. Let me do a little checking and see what we can do to rectify this for you. Again, I need to place you on hold while I speak with the rebate representative.
Me-*STILL being nice (Read: Taking it in the ass)* Alright.

She places me on hold for around 20 minutes while she does whatever it is she's doing, but periodically pops in to let me know that she hasn't forgotten about me.

When she finally comes back, she explains that she can't cut me a check, but she will apply $70 worth of credit towards my bill. I thank her and hang up.

T-Mobile has definitely taught me a lesson in keeping copies of ANY correspondence with them from now on. So, the bad service is their shitty rebate department, but the good service is the nice Customer Care rep that made sure that I got my money one way or the other.
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