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Crossposted from my personal journal . . .

I'm annoyed at my local Post Office branch (89523, for those of you keeping score at home.) Apparently, today our carrier suddenly decided that our apartment is now vacant, and didn't leave us anything except a note to the new occupant asking for their name(s). I was mildly annoyed, but since I had time before closing, I went down to the Post Office and asked them about it.

My annoyance turned to pissiness when the clerk reprimanded me with a, "If you pick up your mail every day, that won't happen!" WTF????? I do pick up my mail every day!! The mailbox is something I look forward to at work, starting about 1:00 or so!! In fact, just yesterday, I had some. And the day before. And the day before that, etc. In fact, excluding vacation holds, I recall only one instance in which I missed picking up my mail in the ten months I've lived in this apartment.

So, the clerk got me the carrier's supervisor. He apologized and said he'd leave a note for the guy to make sure I get my mail. I should get it tomorrow, but if I don't, Supe would like me to call to let him know. I explained that I know things happen, and I'm willing to overlook it, I just want my mail.

zarchasmpgmr thinks that the mail that should have come today may be on its way to the DLO already. I hope not.

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