Shana (shana_chan) wrote in bad_service,

Mild bad service at a bank.

This is my first chance to post here, and may end up being my only chance. Most of my bad service comes from my inlaws, so I guess it doesn't really count.

A couple of weeks ago, I go to the bank with my husband. It's after 4, which means that the only way you can have any transactions at the bank is to go through the drive-up teller. Don't ask me why, this is just stupid in itself.

My husband got a money order for $24.30. A prepaid, Western Union money order, in which only banks and Western Union centers will cash for free (we have no centers, so that wasn't a possibility). This money order actually has the phrase 'money order' printed on it over 24 times.

We pull up to the window and hand it to the teller, asking to cash it. She asks five million questions to my husband in the passengers seat before she'll finally pull up his account. 10 minutes later, after pulling a manager over to look at the SCREEN and not the money order, she finally says, 'We can't cash this. It's a check, and has to be deposited because you don't have enough in your account.'

'It's NOT a check, it's a prepaid money order.'

'It doesn't matter.'

'Yes.. Yes it does.. Cash it, please.'

'We can't.'

'Then give it back and we'll take it to the other branch!'

Five minutes of holding our money order hostage later, she FINALLY opens the fucking drawer and lets us have our money order back. We wasted 20 minutes on her saying we could only deposit it, and then saying, 'I think Walmart will cash it!' ... No, no they won't.. They have their own brand of money orders, they won't cash WESTERN UNION money orders.

.... Seriously, how the fuck do these people get hired?! They wouldn't even give me an INTERVIEW!

So we went to the branch of the same bank 10 minutes away and got it cashed in less than 2 minutes.

All in all - watch out for the new older woman working in the Campton branch of Northway Bank in New Hampshire.
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