Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

Good food/bad waitress

Yesterday, I went for sushi at the restaurant where I first tried it and tend to bring other friends. When we all decided what we wanted, we ordersed: a shumai appetizer, a spicy tuna roll, a philadelphia roll, a salmon roll, a tuna roll, 4 pieces of salmon sushi, 2 pieces of tuna, shrimp fried rice, and a teriyaki chicken. The waitress didn't bring anyone plates to put their rolls/sushi on, forgot the tuna roll, brought me white tuna sushi (which I decided to try but did not like) instead of regular like I ordered, didn't bring our appetizer until halfway through our meal (and yes, I did ask about it before the meal came but she brushed me off), and never once asked if we wanted refills on our drinks while our glasses stood on the table obviously empty for half the time we were there. Also, my boyfriend tried to stop her to ask about the appetizer or drinks but she was in her own world and never acknowledged him. I had to do all the flagging down and that's cause I can just say "excuse me" quite loud if I need to. Not that we needed to be loud. The place had few people and was kinda quiet aside for the music. The worst thing is that I never saw her serving anyone else the entire time we were there. It's a small restaurant. She mostly stood by the kitchen and went to the back bathroom a couple of times. My friends liked the food, but I had to keep apologizing for the quality of the service.

$70 meal, $4 tip. Worst tip I've ever left and I feel no guilt.
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