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Can somebody please remove the bullseye from my back please?

So, I almost through I had gotten through the month. Not quite. I'm writing this halfway to get steam out, and halfway because I am sure SOMEONE in this place can give me advice that may actually help. This is long but I'd appreciate anyone who would know anything.

So I admit, I've made some bad decisions in my life. Having nowhere to go after a relationship failed, I moved in with my new best friend. (bit of background story... My father ran off with another woman and started a new family, and my mother now lives with my grandma, so no help there. I am literally alone 3 states away from any family I know, not that my family is particularly helpful in the first place, but still..) She lived with her boyfriend and another female roommate. The problem? The place was more of a wreck than I realized. Bugs, everything, the works. So, to cover my tracks, the landlady did an inspection and wrote down everything that was wrong so that I would not be penalized when A) anyone else moved out, the other girl was leaving this lease or B) i wanted to renew a lease or get a new place. Papers were signed, my application was approved, voila, I'm good. When I came in, the carpets were already ruined, and a lot of damage was done. But I was told I only needed to put down my pet deposit. It was done.

I did my best to clean up, usually with no help, and sometimes I will admit it got too much or I was working, but everytime I would make things sparkling, they'd be destroyed in a day or so. If I could have afforded my own place, I would have. Obviously I couldn't. I had many friends that were distressed by this fact, and I almost had another place to go, however that failed last minute. So I accepted my fate and did the best I could. However, everytime I would call maintenence or ask for something to be done, they would never do it, or they would come and do somethign half assed. For a year now we haven't had a screen door, the bathtub doesn't drain properly, they haven't sprayed the place, they have not repaired fixed the hole left by maintenence and another one left by the former roommates, cleaned the carpets as they said they would, etc. The only thing they DID do was 1.) fix the sewage because it backed up into a few apartments via toilet, and 2.) finally fixed our front door handle because it got to the point where we could not lock our door or even OPEN it because the doorknob was fucked.

Six months into the lease my friend and her boyfriend announced that instead of renewing the lease, they were going to move out for reasons I'd rather not discuss, we'll just say they weren't very good ones. That was fine. We told the landlady and she said that would be acceptable, and I asked to be put on the waiting list for a three bedroom so that myself and a couple friends could move in. She put me on the list and said carpet deposit and pet deposit would be transferrable, but I told her we would repay carpet deposit since this one was destroyed before I got there. She agreed. More paperwork was done, etc etc. I -also- made very very sure that my application and everything was still good. I had my credit card stolen (and that's a whole other bad_service story about Capital One) and I was having trouble disputing everything and getting everything taken care of. So of course, my credit was worse than ground zero at the moment. She said she understood but since I had been a renter for so long, it wouldn't matter since I was already on a lease, and it would just be transferring and adding new people on. She said as long as they also qualified to be put on the lease, we'd all be super ok! Hurrah!

Now comes April, the last month of the lease. My roommates moved out on the 15th, which made it extremely hard to switch everything over, because, who the hell moves on Easter weekend? Got everything accomplished, had to pay new deposit on electric, etc etc. I was informed that the three bedroom would be ready by June, so for one month after resigning the lease, I would still be in the two bedroom and would only pay $10 more the old rent cost. That's super. I agreed. So all that is left is recleaning the hell out of the house and getting inspection. Okay, got it cleaned. We even repainted some rooms, bought our own Dyson vacumn and steam cleaner. Some things are irrepairable at least by our amateur standards, but luckily it was stuff that was already documented and scheduled to be fixed. Plus the landlady knew the situation, so she reassured me it would all be handled and everything has been secured for the three bedroom. All we needed was inspection and the resigning of the lease, but otherwise, everything was ready for me in my name and -guaranteed- to be given to me.

So I'm waiting for inspection, no one shows up. I go over there and get told that the landlady is sick. Cool, fine. I drop off the applications for my new roommates and explain "This is for apartment ** which I am still the only leaseholder. We're still waiting for our three bedroom, but Marlee told me to drop these off along with their paystubs and documentation from their jobs. Now Person A and B need to be added the month we are still in the 2 bedroom, but Person C won't be on until we get the three bedroom." They documented it and took them.

I take off work the next day, come back, get told she's sick again. Now I'm getting worried because our lease is almost up and I really really want to resign the lease and get things done and over with. The next day I come back, same thing. I get told I might get an extension beacuse of this. More days pass. When I finally confront the lady who is there and say "Look, I'm sorry she's sick but I HAVE to get this done now. My lease is up Sunday, you've been giving me the runaround for days now. I have nowhere else to go, and not only that, but there are others who are banking on this, can we PLEASE GET THIS DONE?!" The lady looks surprised and says that she never knew there was supposed to be an inspection, because I could just resign the lease. I look puzzled, and she tells me to come back tomorrow. I tell her it's Friday and I am working all day. She says she will go ahead and put in an extension and to go ahead and come back on Monday, even if the lease is up on Sunday. More paperwork is done.

At work the next day I get frantic calls from one of my soon to be roommates. he says they called them and said that we have to put down a security deposit right away today or else the three bedroom will be given to someone else. They literally used the term "First come, first served." Pissed, I beg my manager for some time off, have to grab a taxi to the complex, and walk in with my checkbook. I tell them I'm there to pay the deposit, and the lady looks at me as if she has NO clue what I am talking about. So I tell them that my friend called me, because he was called, and she goes "Oh no! THEY were the guys you were leasing with?!" Apparently they didn't get that they were being added on to MY lease, and had qualified them on their own (and thank god, they barely made it. We didn't think we could without all four of us for one of the much higher priced three bedrooms.) So she immediately said "Well, let's go inspect your place." And thus we do, and she points out everything taht was already documented. Then I finally get told that I was LIED to the past couple of days, and the landlady was NOT sick, but didn't work for the company anymore. So they had no clue waht the hell was supposed to go on. So since she was no longer employed with them, they couldn't take her word for it or even call her to confirm that paperwork was done on the townhouse and that I could get my new one. Apparently they had magically also lost all my paperwork, my application, ANYTHING that would even prove that I lived there except for ONE signed copy of the lease. SO WTF? Now they were trying to stick it to me beacuse THEY LOST MY PAPERWORK???!!!

Then, instead of trying to let me qualify with all my roommates, they made me qualify on my own, which I certainly did NOT as I am only a server and my credit situation. I had asked if they would let me get a co-signer, and they said yes. But then when I came back later they said that I was not allowed to have a co-signer. So fine, I'm screwed, and my lease is up. Then they told me that I was actually on a month-to-month basis lease, that came with an extra $50 fine and that the rent would be raised to $655. I was welcome to stay in my two bedroom no matter what, but I couldn't be put on the lease with the guys. I fumed. I asked them why I was being faulted for their management, when shouldn't it be their company who should be cleaning up their own mess. I never had a late payment, I followed the rules, I tried as best as I could to get maintenence to come in, and they never did. Not only that, but I found it fishy that I already had a place guarenteed, and they simply "lost" all the paperwork. Not only that, but since I was on the lease, that should be proof enough. But that's logical, isn't it? I also said an extension had been put on my lease, so why was I on a month-to-month basis? I wasn't the one who never showed up or even tried to bother to get an inspection, and if I had known this, I would have just resigned the lease and prayed I could cover it with the other two.

So finally they told me I couldn't have inspection until I moved out, and I could be charged thousands for any damages. Of course, so could my former roommates. So the biggest question, how can I move out? Finally they acquiesed to me being an occupant in the apartment, but made it clear that I could be locked out at any time that they wish and I would have no perks as a leaseholder. I said it would be fine and I would deal as long as I had a place to go. Now they're trying to make me do inspection before they even let us move out! I have no clue what to do, all I've heard is from my mom and others that this all sounds fishy and possibly illegal, since I am already on a lease. I asked if I could possibly get my credit in order (since fraud does take a while, especially since this one seems to be so difficult for them because someone simply got a hold of my number and used the internet) if I could try again. I was told yes. Now I'm being told no. My soon to be roommates are now at the office discussing everything. I'm really scared and I have no clue what to do about anything.

Also, since the others don't have me on the lease, they have to repay everything that was supposed to be covered. Is it a scheme to simply get more money, or just to dodge that they have done a horrible job in the past?

It just doesn't sound like good customer service to me. Hey, we're not going to do anything we're supposed to as a rental complex, and then we're not going to clean up our own mess when we fuck up. Is there anyone who knows what to do in a situation like this? I honestly don't have anywhere else to go, and searching for other apartments has been hard lately because of the credit fraud and the fact that I am just a server. So here's hoping. Also, I am in South Carolina if anyone needs to know just in case of special state laws.

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