Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

mobile phones...and when not to answer them

There are frequent (justified) complaints in customers_suck about customers who talk on the 'phone while getting service. Today I met their counterpart.

I walked up to the counter at a cafe, smiled at the girl behind the counter, we exchanged'Hi's. At that moment, her mobile rang. I emphasise that this was her personal mobile, not an order from another customer or something.

So what does she do? Sheturns her back on me without a word, so I don't interrupt her oh-so-important-call and starts chatting.'Yeah,he there...I'm at work...yeah, in Sheffield...what really...when'. She then opens the door and calls to co-worker in the back 'Hey come and listen to this!' Co-worker takes the phone and takes over; original employee keeps her back to me so I don't spoil her eavesdropping by trying to get her attention.

Eventually co-worker rings off.

Co-worker:That was that security guy
Worker: No, never, I thought it was them from upstairs
CW: No, it was that security guy
W: I thought it was the guy from upstairs
(repeat a few times in ever more incredulous tones)
CW: (suddenly) Serve that customer
W: I really thought it was them from upstairs. What would you like?
me: a slice of pizza
W: (rings me up) *opens door to the back and shouts through* I can't believe it wasn't them from upstairs! It was that security guy....
CW: Yeah, and he said (etc. for another 60 secs or so)
W: *wanders back and then finally gets me pizza.No smile, no word, no thanks*
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