akarui_kibuno (akarui_kibuno) wrote in bad_service,

So, if you need your comp...

... just don't have it break and brought it to the place where you bought it thinking it'll be fine.

My boyfriend bought his laptop in "Carrefour" (French Supermarket Chain) . It's all fine for some time, and, five days before the extended warranty expires (wee! right on time! ) he has to bring it in for repair. The lady tells him maximum three weeks (this is already bad, mind you, because he'd use his laptop for various stuff and he needed it) .

This become bad service when, after the three weeks, he goes to see what has been done, and he hears that nothing was done because there's a part missing. Okay, fair enough, that happens. But he then asks for them to lend him a replacement, and the woman says that she can't do a thing (in a rather rude tone, said boyfriend) , that they usually wait 34 days (@_@) before issuing refund, making an exchange or anything of the like. My boyfriend then asked what was happening if he was using this for work and really needed it, but the lady didn't care. He then asked the address for corporate and sent them something, along with an e-mail to Customer Service.

Seriously. I know things can take time, but to be told something, lied to, and then frowned upon just cause you imply you need to use the thing ? I know my boyfriend: he's the kind of customer who'll be patient with the rudest service rep ever, until he "boils" and just speaks coldy but still calmly.

Damn Carrefour. When I get money, I'm getting my dear BF a new shiny laptop that won't need care from those people >.

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