Living To Dream (livingtodream) wrote in bad_service,
Living To Dream

Service dog babble...

I'm not sure if this really falls under this, as in the end things worked out. I'm going to take a shot at it though.

I have a service dog, to keep it short she has a vest tags, papers the works. Most people see her and know what she is right away, a few need a refresher on it and then they smack themselves for forgetting. I don't blame some people I don't have a disablity that is easy to spot (not in a weelchair, ect) but I do have 2 vaild ones, and she is trained for both.

I went into Walmart on Saterday, I already was flusterd I just moved I'm getting my feet under me and collecting things I keep forgetting. The greeter stoped me, told me she wasn't allowed in. This made me go 'buh?" as this store I've -never- have problems before, in fact if I recall they have a section about service dogs in thier training prosses. I tried to put on my best face and be kind and explain it to her (she was older, like elderly older. So I was trying to be nice). She seemed baffled at my explantions and inside I groaned. I wasn't about to abandon the things I needed, and find antoher store to go to, and by all rights I shoudln't need to. She said they allowed seeing eye dogs, but she wasn't one and such. I tried to explain seeing eye dogs are under the same laws and catagories, as they are also service dogs.

I wasn't going to barg in and make her really flusterd, so after a big of her acting like she had no clue how to handle me, she said she was going to get a manager to check, and then it took her another 3-4 mins to figure out how to get one without leaveing her post. I dug out my paperwork that she got MORE lost looking at as we waited. The manger came over looking lost and asked me if I needed help, I just pointed at the greeter who had forgotten even what my service dog was "she has a .. uhh, what was she?" I'm twichy at this point "Service Dog" I pointed out, again. "Yeah that! Not a seeing eye do.." her manager cut her off "She's fine".

The greeter shuffled away, the manager gave me an apologetic look and I felt like it was safe to enter and get my stuff.

But gah! Really now, it's not like she knew nothing of service dogs she knew what a seeing eye dog was, how hard is it to carry the concept over that they can help with the other eleventy billon disablitys out there?
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