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I just joined, and I'm usually not one to complain abut service, unless bad service happens continusously in the same place. And well, today it has...
There is one sushi place in my end of the city, I have been there a few times more so for takeout, i've eaten in once with friends for lunch.   So yesterday I slept in till around 3 and had to be at work for 6, so i decided to leave my house just before 5 get sushi to go and eat it at work before my shift and share it.  So I order a california roll and seafood tempura (shrimp and squid), I wait about 10 minutes, but no biggie, because I left time so I was not rushed to get to work, and then the waitress informs me my food is ready.  Also, I paid when i ordered.  So I notice my bag seems fairly empty and theres only one container, and they showed me the roll, so i knwo it was there, and i decided to ask politely if the tempura was in there, the lady looked at me and said "you ordered tempura?"  She looked for my bill and then ordered it.  I did not care, since i had lots of time to get to work, and my managers enjoyed sharing the food.   Today I decide to go get sushi for supper, (yea i usually dont eat it this much), and i order the same two items, and pay when i order. and this is takeout again, i wait about 10 minutes, and they show me my roll and the waitress puts it in a bag ties it and says one california roll, so i ask about the tempura, and again she gives me a blank stare, then looks for the bill and i wait another 5 minutes for it.  

I realize the tempura is made in the back and the rolls are made upfront at the 'bar', but when they enter my order in the computer show me a print out of my detailed bill stating i ordered these items and i approve it by paying, I know they cahrged me for both items and I know they got both items, yet somehow managed to forget the same item two days in a row?

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