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Bad Hotel Service

I've been hanging around in this community for a while, but this is my first post. This happened to my family about four years ago when we drove from New York to Florida. As if long road trips with your younger siblings aren't bad enough, the hotel stay on the way down was abysmal. We have five people in my family, so my father made sure to call ahead and reserve a rollaway, as well as asking a few other questions. Here is the information he got (from the hotel itself, not the 800 number):

- They had a rollaway for us to rent.
- The rooms had indoor entrances.
- There was a restaurant attached to the hotel.
- Said restaurant would be open for dinner.

It sounded like a good place... until we got there. The first thing we noticed was that the rooms very clearly had outdoor entrances. Not a big deal - my mother just happens to prefer indoor entrances - but it was annoying to be told the opposite by someone who apparently had no idea what they were talking about. We checked in, and found that the rollaway wasn't in the room. No problem, they said; they'd put it there while we were out getting dinner.

Of course, as it turns out, the restaurant is not attached to the hotel, and the restaurant that is closeby is closed. Again, not a problem - it wasn't like there weren't other places to eat - but we were getting more and more annoyed at being lied to.

We come back to the room after dinner, and find that - surprise! - still no rollaway. My father goes to the front desk to ask them about it. Their response?

"Well, we have a set amount at the beginning of the season, but then people just make off with them."

That's right. The hotel had no rollaways. Because people steal them.

We wrote letters of complaint and ended up getting a free stay at another hotel in the same chain out of it; but seriously, who steals hotel rollaways? I mean, if you're going to lie to cover up your imbecilic mistakes, at least make up something believable.
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