^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote in bad_service,

I got a story...

This story would go for the following communities because it fits all there topics.
But also it makes my head hurt from having to hear this when I am not even at work! WTF?!?!

I was outside in my yard putting gas in my mower when Christina(my neighbor across the street)
comes up to me and starts talking to me. She and her mother know I work for the fastfood joint down the street. Since it was my day off today I was getting things done but she just had to nag about a co-worker who I really don't like but have no control over because I wasn't there when she came in.

Christina:"The black girl with the blue hair was rude to us.
Me:Jessica?O.K. Why?(checking the oil from the mower)
Christina:She was making comments that we should leave after our order because it was late.
Me:What time was it?
Christina:10 o'clock
Me:Well I have to say this...
You guys did come in as they were closing up,but since you are customers we still have to take your order and be nice.
Christina:She was being a bitch.
Me:Did you talk to the manager that was working there?
Me:Well if you go back and talk to my store manager I am sure she will give you something for your problem you had with my co-worker Jessica.

Christina walks off.

Fucking Jessica!

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