Some Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense (sunday_silence) wrote in bad_service,
Some Good Old-Fashioned Horse Sense

Stop. Touching. Me.

For some inexplicable reason, I had a hankering for crappy Italian food tonight, so stopped by the local Olive Garden.

Now, I'm one of the more generous tippers I know. Even mediocre-at-best service gets a passable tip, and anything above and beyond will get 20% or more. I can't remember a time since I moved here (3 years ago) that I just didn't tip.

Today was the first time.

She got my drink wrong twice, as well as insisting on bringing me a glass of wine after I'd repeatedly declined it. She brought salad instead of soup then refused to bring me the soup I'd ordered since "dinners come with only one soup or salad, and I've already brought you your salad." The food, when it finally showed up, was cold. She took nearly 15 minutes to bring the check after I asked for it, and when it did finally show up, it was wrong -- she'd added a number of things I didn't order. But above and beyond anything else, STOP. FUCKING. TOUCHING. ME. She had her hands on my shoulder, my arm, patted my head, my back, and all but the pat on the head was after I asked her to please don't touch me, since it makes me jumpy and nervous.

I finally got fed up and asked for a manager, and she claimed they were not only not available, but not in the restaurant. At 5 in the evening on a Saturday evening. Whatever. I was fed up at that point -- I paid the check, no tip, and have her name and will give them a call Monday afternoon in an attempt to find someone with a manager's tag, or preferably, the owner.

Since when is repeatedly putting your hands all over someone after being politely asked not to acceptable?
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