gracehatter (gracehatter) wrote in bad_service,

Dear CIBA rebate people

Thank you for your kind letter informing me that I will not be getting my $60.00 rebate for purchasing two boxes of contacts at one time at my local Perle Vision place. You claim that I won't be getting it because I failed to include the UPC codes from the boxes. Pretty much all I have to say is that's bullshit. Why do I say that? Because I don't wear contacts, my 23 year old daughter does and when we knew we were going to be purchasing the contacts along with 2 pairs of EXPENSIVE glasses for myself, she scoured the ads to find the best deals. This is where your rebate offer comes in. She not only finds the rebate deal but a BOGO deal on my glasses and 1 free eye exam with one paid one. I was so pleased that she had saved me so much money I told her she could have the $60.00 rebate. Since she is unemployed she was all about after also purchasing some contact solution with a rebate as well, not you guys because unlike you they honored their offer...anyway I digress...I happened to be sitting at the same table as she cut out the UPC code and very neatly taped them to her letter and request and place in the envelope. Why am I so sure I saw this you may ask, well, because she was at first going to staple them but decided it would look better taped and I went and got the tape. So now, you would like me to send you the UPC codes to honor the rebate. Well, I can't because, oh yeah...I ALREADY SENT THEM!!!!!If it were a couple of bucks I'd probably say screw it and not bother but you know my unemployed college student daughter could really use that $60.00, so please plan on hearing from me EVERY freaking day until someone in your company gets up off my $60.00. Sincerely, pissed off customer
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