Manda (pale_september) wrote in bad_service,

In Ohio, we have an amusement park called Kings Island.

There is a ride called Flight Of Fear which is an indoor roller coaster that goes upside down. My boyfriend is a stocky guy, he's also 6'1. He's not fat, just what you'd call a "big guy". He has a little bit of a belly, and he's very barrel chested. He's cute and I love cuddling him. Big guys are the best.

Aaaanyway, on to my question...

When he was getting strapped in, the guy who was trying to buckle him in said he wouldn't fit. I've seen a lot bigger people get on this ride just fine. I seriously think he wasn't putting a lot of effort into it because they were about to close. This humiliated my boyfriend and he felt like shit for the rest of the day. People in line were actually confused as to why he couldn't get on. I even heard a person comment, "He's just tall, why isn't it getting on?"

I really would like to write a letter to KI. Is this pointless? If my boyfriend was too big to ride that, it's ridiculous. He's not freakishly tall, just taller. He's not morbidly obese, just stocky. I really don't know if he was actually too big, or the person trying to strap him in was just being impatient.

I'd really like to send them a letter telling them not everyone is average sized. I understand that some people are in fact too large for some rides, but my boyfriend isn't. They should accommodate a little, I feel.

I'm 5'2 and average sized and I found myself having some trouble sitting into their seats. That's complete B.S. in my opinion and the way they over-price everything, they can broaden their seats a bit. I understand it could be a safety issue, but my boyfriend isn't so large it would put others in danger. Someone of his size should be able to get on any rollercoaster.

Like I said, it could have been the employee. But if not, I'm really contemplating a letter. Even if it's meaningless, I want to get my point across.
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