Manda (pale_september) wrote in bad_service,

Wow, in case anyone is curious, you can find the nation's most bitter White Castle employee in Ohio.

It was around 2 AM when my boyfriend and I went to White Castle. We were extremely happy considering everything closes at 9 where we are.

When we pulled up to the drive-thru the most annoyed voice came on and said only "ORDER". We could barely get a word in without her saying "Anything else? Is this all?" Before my boyfriend could even muster out "And two small drinks" the same annoyed voice tells us to pull forward. Not to the second window, just pull forward. So, we do.

We sit there for a few minutes wondering where she was. I was assuming she was the only one there and was making the food. I casually look ahead and see this happy little lady staring at us from out the second drive-thru window with this smartass look on her face. How stupid of us to not know she meant the second window with "PULL FORWARD".

I've never worked in a fast-food place, so I'm not going to get aggravated at this just yet. But, how much of a journey is it to walk to the first window and correct the mistake? Is it a lot of trouble or is she just lazy?

She didn't say one word....she didn't tell us the total or anything. She just leaned out of the window and stared at us. We gave her the money, she left our food sitting on the counter for 5 minutes while she dicked around, and finally said something to us! "Here you go". Hurray!

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