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I've had my lil' cricket cellphone for several years now, since it was new and shiny and everyone wanted it because rather than being minutes it was unlimited local, with the option of adding on long distance... They've been pretty good up until the last few months and I seriously wonder if they're trying to punish me for the fact that when I move in the next couple of months, I'll have to switch services just because theirs doesn't work in the area I'll be moving to...

Anyway, 2 days ago I called to pay my bill. Instead of doing it through the automated system (which I've never had a problem with), I wanted a live agent. The bill was more than it was supposed to be and I wanted to know why, it turned out they were charging me a reconnection fee even though the phone hadn't been disconnected, and the last time it had happened I'd paid the fee when I paid the bill...

First of all, the guy was an ass. He argued at me about how the reconnection fee works, tried to give me a lecture when all I'd said was that I paid that fee when the phone was reconnected a few months after me having to pay the bill late due to lack of money issues... He confirmed that by looking at my payment history, but still lectured me about how the charge works.

Then I asked how I would go about adding some more long distance (you pay ahead, I wanted to put on $5, which is a decent amount for how little I talk on the phone), he argued with me first about how the option works, then how it would be charged to the account. He tried to tell me that I would have to buy 2.50 for one line and 2.50 for the other, even though previously I'd been told that I pay it on the account, it belongs to whichever phone on the account uses it first. I've never paid to put long distance on the second line and the boyfriend has been able to call his parents long distance. But the guy wanted to argue about how wrong I was.

I finally agreed to just put 2.50 on each account because my phone was close to dying and I needed to pay the bill still.

he then told me the only way I could do it that way was to pay over the phone with him. I said fine and agreed to do so, gave him my credit card information, set up the payment, gave him all the info he needed. He said it was taken care of, then hung up on me.

This morning I checked, the money is still not taken out of my account. But my phone has been disconnected due to non payment. Generally when i make a payment it is posted within the hour, or the next morning at the latest. Considering I already gave my credit card info to the agent who said he was taking the payment, I don't want to pay again as it will make my account overdraft...

The service has an option where, even if the phone is disconnected, you can still contact them to pay the bill... however, there is apparently no way to speak to a live agent through this option, I spent 10 minutes going through the automated system and it wouldn't let me get to an operator.


So I went to hte website and found a feedback button and made a complaint, hopefully they'll respond. I also stated that, since I'd made the payment with one of their agents who assured me it was taken care of, I should not be responsible for the reconnection fee.


Anyway, can't wait until when we move and get a different phone service, one that has decent customer service hopefully.

I' haven't had many problems with this service, I usually pay through the automated system... but most of the time when I try talking to an agent to ask any kind of question, I either get the runaround or they're outright rude.


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