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So hubby and I frequently go to this sushi place at the mall so much so that some of the waitress know us. It's not half bad, cheap, and staff has always been friendly and fast. The wait staff don't really do too much, the sushi comes by on a conveyor belt and if somthing isn't avaliable that way then they take an order. They also of course offer us beverages. Anyway, it's lunch time and we're starving and there isn't a long line. We get there the same time as another couple. The hostess tells us to sit wherever. So we go to our usual spot on the far side of the place and just as we're sitting down we're told anywhere but there. ok, so we go towards the front. We sit and wait and we notice that nothing is going around the little conveyor belt so we pick out stuff to order. About 10 minutes later our waitress comes over with some water and asks us if we are ready to order. We say yes, and she says she'll be right back. I watch her walk away and go outside and talk to her boyfriend ( i assume boyfriend since they were making out). another 5 minutes she comes back. I ask if we could get a keiki (kid's) cup for the baby since he doesn't do well with open glasses. She says ok, disappears to the cups. Next thing I know she's back outside with the boyfriend. By now hubby and I are really really hungry and baby is getting cranky. She comes back with out the kids cup and we start to order. I point to the menu as well as try to pronounce the things we want. I say "ebi fry" and she says how many and I say 2. I then say that we will want 2 of everything. She says ok. I proceed to try and order and she keeps getting attitude. Then she says, "You have to tell me what you want and how many. I'm writing and can't see what you are pointing at." I then tell her that was all (even though I only got to order like 3 dishes). I'm fuming. We've waited over 30 minutes for her to place our order because she keeps going outside and making out with her man. But, the folks that came in the same time we did, were already eating and she was also their waitress. My husband just looks at me and asks if i want to go. I say no because we just ordered and that wouldn't be very nice. But then I change my mind when I try to get her attention after she comes back into the restaurant to get that keiki cup for the baby and she ignores me. My husband stood up the next time she came by and said we would be going somewhere else. She only replies with "um...ok" So as we are walking out the door, I hear the conversation with cook or whoever...

Girl:I have to cancel that order
Guy: Why?
Girl: They said they are going somewhere else.
Guy: Why
Girl: I don't know they're stupid haoles.

What??? Now I know that we are white and that it what white people are called here....but we live here. We are not tourists and we go there all the time. I was so so angry but I held it in until I got home and called and complained. And I also took it out on the very yummy sub I got from Quizno's. Which even though wasn't sashimi was so ono!

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