rhie (chaeri) wrote in bad_service,

oh yea another story...this one happened a little while ago too.

i was in some big chain store - i forget if it was walmart or target, but one of those - and wanted to buy lipstick with a coupon. now, i use coupons all the time, and know that cosmetics can have restrictions. so i read it carefully. it said "X.XX% off Brand Y of lipcolor including lipfinity and everlites lipfinity." so i thought "cool, those are usually really expensive." so i picked one up.
i bring it to the register, and the cashier refuses to uses it stating "oh those don't cover double boxes." (this lipstick has a lipgloss that comes with it)
i said "its not a double pack, its all one product, look it just has to parts."
Cashier: *stares blankly at me*
me: *sigh* "can i talk to your manager?"
Cashier: "it is excluded, and i'm the manager" O.o how the hell did that happen?
me: "no look" reads the name on the box, reads that its included on the coupon.
Cashier: "the computer won't scan it, it must be excluded."
me: "i was a cashier for years, you can type it in."
Cashier: *glares at me and does so*
me: "thanks" (in a completely non-snarky tone btw)

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