Sonnet (sonnet_cw) wrote in bad_service,

Reading the last post about Comcast reminded me of all the problems I've had with them.

We had just moved into a new apartment, and received an ad in the mail from Comcast. Basic cable for 12 months at only $19.99. We hadn't had cable in over a year, so we decided to go ahead and get it.
I gave the rep all the information she asked for, and she told us someone would be out to install in a week. That's fine, I can wait a week.
But no one shows up on the day she said they would. No one even called. So I called them, and they said, "Someone came out already. It says they called you 3 times."
... No. No one was here, no one called. So I basically just said "Screw it." I wasn't going to be a customer of such a shitty company.

About a month goes by, and by now I've realized Comcast is the only company we can go through for TV and the internet. So my husband calls them and is setting everything up for someone to come out and install everything. Then the rep asks, "Is there anyone else you want to be on the account?" He said yes, my wife. So he's giving her my information, and when he gets to my social security number, the rep stops him and says, "That social security number owes us $250. We can't give you service until that's all cleared up." So my husband talks to her about it, and finds out that some girl named Aricelli used my SS to get cable and never paid the bills. Then the rep told him that she put an alert on HIS social so he couldn't try to sign up again.
I called the cops to file a report, and within a few days, they find out that the idiot Comcast rep put in the wrong SS number.

You'd think by now we'd learned our lesson to steer clear of Comcast, right? Well, ok, right. We did learn that, but it didn't change the fact that I needed the internet for school.
We were in Best Buy one night, and they told us that if we signed up for Comcast in the store, it would only be $19.99. Ok. We do that. We spent around $80, I think, on the software they gave us. Then after we bought it, they told us we would have to call Comcast and do everything ourselves. ...ok.
So we do that. There is no alert on my husband's social, so we're fine there. They tell us that they have to deal with Best Buy, and that it will be $29.99 a month. Ugh, whatever.

The day comes when someone is supposed to install our internet. I get a call saying the guy is at my door and I'm not answering. What? I'm right next to the door, no one has knocked. I open the door, no one is there. "Well your address is 1234 XXX YY, right?" No! That's not even close! I give him my *real* address. Keep getting calls from a guy who's presumably behind a desk. "Is he there yet?" No. "Now?" No.
An hour and a half after I got that first call telling me *I* wasn't there, someone finally knocks on my door.

AND HE SAYS, "Sorry I'm late. The guy at the wrong address they gave me finally came to the door. He decided he wanted cable, so I installed it for him."

Then find out that there was no need for us to buy the $80 software.
I wish one of us was computer savvy so we could figure this stuff out ourselves.

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