rhie (chaeri) wrote in bad_service,

the worst time i ever had dealing with any company – and this includes the soul sucking bastards at BCBS – was with Comcast in my area. they have a monopoly here so i suppose they think they can get away with being unprofessional, idiotic and on drugs.

we moved to an apartment near the city, from one county to another. i can’t live without my high-speed, so i called the only available provider in the area: Comcast. i had used them before in another state and they were great there, so i didn’t anticipate any problems. especially not of the magnitude i had. so i called to set up an apointment for a tech to come out and install stuff. they said a few days which sucked but it was what i expected. they never showed. i called back, they said “oh they tried to get there but couldn’t find your apartment...” ok, fine, its not the easiest place to see but i thought the techs we supposed to call if they couldn’t find it. i told the rep this and he said “oh yes, and they said they did.” “they did not. i was home. my phone is on. when is the soonest you can get another tech out here?” “next week” * tries not to be an EB * “ok fine.” i make the appointment, stressing that i need them between 5-7 because my husband is not there and i am not comfortable being there alone with a tech who will probably be male. they are late. i call every hour on the hour until 8. the tech people say that the people who should be there have disappeared off the face the of the earth but other people are in the area and can stop by blah blah. so they do. i’m home alone, and its two guys. i am NOT comfortable with this. i leave the door open, our neighbors upstairs are home and the guy is HUGE and the type to come running and smash the guy before asking any questions if i scream so i will most likely be ok. well the two techs are high. yes, on some kind of drug. it REEKS and the smell stays for hours. they look at the hookup and say something incoherent and vaguely technical saying they can’t set it up, but leave the stuff because i ask them too. i don’t know much about technology and i wasn’t comfortable as i said before so i just let them go. i talked to david, and then called and complained several times to comcast. i got lots of apologies and two weeks free. finally had david call because i was about to bite the head off the next person i called. he tried about 6 times to get a tech to tell him how to hook up the cables, and got “oh you need a person out there” “when can we do that” “here’s an appointment.” “no one showed up” “they must have...” until he finally got a tech who could tell him how to hook the damn thing up. i hope those techs got fired. if you want to use on your own time, fine. get arrested. i don’t care. but its not professional to use on the job.
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