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This takes the cake.

It is currently 7:45 am and I am mad. I have recieved phone calls at least five or six times a day from these people. This is an automatic service mind you. I have spoken to someone twice about this. The first time was worse than the second time It also wouldn't be so bad if they would actually not allow the calls unless their office is opened for business and not let the automated service call at freaking 7 am. Heck I have even got a call at 9 pm.

Me: *waves
Real Person:

Me: sitting at home in front of my computer one day.

phone: ring ring ring.. answer me

Me: Hello

Automated: This is an important call from the Law Offices of blah blah. Please call blah-blah-blah between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.

Me: *???* Calls place

Automated: Thank you for calling blah blah blah. If you know your parties ext. please dial it at any time. If you don't know your parties ext. press 0 to talk to operator.

Me: *presses number*

phone: ouch

Finally after about 15 minutes on hold I get someone.

RP: Thank you for calling blah blah blah, how may I help you?

Me: I got a message and it said to call.

RP: What is your account number

Me: Excuse me

RP: This is the law offices of blah blah blah. What is your number

Me: It is blah blah

RP: Yes. I have your information here.. It is concerning a case with blah.

Me: What? I haven't had service with blah

Rp: It says here that you had service with blah

Me: Umm no. I have never had a cell phone through blah

Rp: The account balance is 268.00

Me: Account balance

RP: Yes mam, past due and it was turned over to us to collect.

Me: Really?

RP: Yes. We need to come to an agreement.

Me: I didn't have the service, I am not paying it.

Rp: What is your social

Me: blah blah blah

RP: It is here under the account, are you Rhonda

Me: Yeah but I didn't have the account. What is the last name on the account?

Rp: Blah

Me: Well I know it aint mine because I haven't used that name since I moved to Florida, when I moved down here I took my maiden name of blah back.

RP: That is the name on the account.

Me: *with question marks around my head* You just told me blah was on it.

Rp: ........... How will you be paying?

Me: Im not because I didn't have the account

RP: You have to pay or we will take you to court. You are liable.

Me: *Hangs up phone*

I finally track down the corperate office that they said I had the account with. They in turn told me to call them back because it was turned over to a collections agency.

Me: *waves
Real Person:

Phone: Guess who

Me: *doesn't answer lets the voice mail get it then calls the place back*

Automated.. blah blah..

Rp: Thank you for calling blah blah. How may I help you.

Me: I already talked to one dude, he told me to call blah and I did, they told me to call you all back.

Rp: What is your number

Me: I don't know the last guy never gave it to me.

Rp: What is your phone number then mam?

ME: blah blah

RP: Yes I see here it is concerning blah blah.

Me: Yeah I know. Here is the thing, I don't nor will ever have a cell phone from blah. I never submitted my information.

RP: May I ask your full name

Me: Blah blah

RP: Your social

ME: Blah blah

Rp: That is the information we have on file.

Me: yeah I know. What is the last name on the account?

RP: Blah.

Me: Well thats strange considering the first dude I talked to told me it was blah, which was my maiden name. When was this account made?

RP: In 2003

Me: *rolls eyes* I got married in 2003. I haven't used the current name on the account since 2000.

Rp:.......... Umm....I.. ummm

Me: Look my husband works late. Is there any way to stop the five times a day calls?

Rp: I can put something in the computer. They won't stop until you pay this.

ME: I didn't take the account out so I am still liable.

RP: Yes mam. Has your information ever been stolen?

Me: Yeah

Rp: Did you report it stolen

Me: Yes, the cops said there was nothing they could do because I didn't have credit cards nor money in the wallet.( which is true) Look I called blah they told me to call you back.

RP: Well if you can provide proof of your marriage and blah blah blah maybe they will change their minds, But your social was used and well they don't really like to let that go.

Me: *groans* Fine. If I take care of it will you stop calling me and harrassing me?

Rp: Harrassing?

Me: yes, my phone rings five times a day from your automated system.

Rp: ........They wont stop fully until you pay for it

Me: But I didn't take the account out.

RP: Your information was used so you are liable.

Rp: *hangs up phone*


Now what gets me is they used my ex married name the first time I called them. Not a few weeks later, it was changed to my maiden name. I have an idea who got the phone, it was the same person who stole my check book cough *ex friend* cough.

What is strange to me is that they wait almost three years to start calling me about it. My name changes twice on the account and I am getting the run around. I just wish they would stop calling me so much.

I don't think it is right that I have to pay for something I didn't get. The ex friend has vanished off the face of the earth. So what should I do?

Is there any way I can get them for harrassment and besides how the heck they get our unpublished number that we have only had for like three months?
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