Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Speaking of bad service

Since I'm such a wonderful storyteller, let me tell you another "story."

About two years ago my eldest son (August 2004), who was about three at the time, was running around the house. I don't remember how he fell but he fell and bit his tongue. When I ran to check on him, he had blood coming out of his mouth and I told the hubby to take him to the hospital to get it checked out. I freak out at the sight of blood coming out of areas no blood should ever come out of. The hubby took him to the hospital and according to him the doctor didn't even wait for the medication to kick in before he stitched his tongue up. A few hours later they returned home and my son was asleep when they did get home.

A half hour after they arrived home my son was thirsty so I gave him some water to drink. As soon as he drank the water, blood began pouring out of his mouth. This time I went to the hospital with them and left my other children in my mother's care. The hubby drove while I held the paper towels to our son's mouth. For whatever reason I had a whole, brand new, roll of paper towels with me. A whole roll that was soaked in blood by the time we arrived at the hospital. This would be about an hour after they left the hospital the first time, give or take, so the doctor who had stiched my son up was no longer on duty.

A second doctor, very nice and now working at the private hospital in the next town, checked my son and found several other lacerations not stitched including one very close to the artery, one under his tongue and a couple in the back of his tongue. HOW he bit his tongue we don't know but boy oh boy did he bite his tongue. The nice doctor gave some kind of shot that knocked my son out, who was freaking out by the time we arrived at the hospital and wouldn't calm down at all. Once my son was asleep the doctor removed the first stitched, which according to him weren't done properly to begin with, and redid it and added stitches to the other lacerations.

The total bill for BOTH incidents came to over $6,000 and our insurance refused to cover it since we didn't have - according to them - some kind of extra insurance to take care of emergencies.

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A few days after the incident.

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About a week after.

I didn't take any clear shots of the stitches in the back of his tongue or under them but you can see two of the larger stitches. His tongue was so nasty for a week with the green junk on it and his skin rotting off. He still has a scar on his tongue and lump where the first doctor stitched his tongue.
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