Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Triple espresso

Yes, I know. It's a difficult concept to think someone actually likes a triple espresso. Frankly, it amazes me that anyone likes coffee to begin with let alone a triple espresso like my weird husband.

A half block from our store is a small corner espresso stand. It is tiny, only two people fit inside and it's inexpensive. The hubby gets at least one espresso from there a day but typically goes to his favorite location which is a quarter mile from our store simply because that place also sell cigarettes. For over a year he's been getting a daily coffee except on Sundays when our store is closed and we don't go down there.

This happened a few months ago. Poor girl was confused but it didn't mean she had to bitchy and tell me that I didn't "know wtf [I'm] talking about." Granted she's new, granted the exact item isn't on the menu so I told her how to ring it up as the owner has done. Why she was working by herself, no idea but the owner wasn't there and neither was the other girl who typically is. The other location rings it up the same way since it's not an on-the-menu item.

Me: I need a triple espresso, for the hubby, please.
Her: A what?
Me: A triple espresso. Plain. (Cause out here you can get all kinds of junk with the espresso ranging from chocolate to cinammon to other crap.)
Her: We don't have that.
Me: It's basically a double with a single added.
Her: We don't sell plain espresso.
Me: Uh? Since when? ::points to menu:: There is the price for the double and there is the price for a single.
Her: You don't know wtf you're talking about. There is no such thing as a triple! Now leave before I call the cops!
Me: O_o

I left and called the owner and told her what had happened. Never saw the girl working there again. Yes, I know that a triple plain espresso is unheard of here in the land of Starbucks but there are people out there who like disgusting strong coffee. When the hubby moved out here from the East coast he was SHOCKED by the amount of coffee stands we have along with the variety of coffee.

Really no need to be rude about something that's not that complicated to make. Double shot of espresso with a single = a triple!

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