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Dear bank:

Enough with the service fees. Enough with changing the fees leaving me to go "huh?" when I check my statement and find a service charge on my account. I will be leaving you in about a month, when I head off to the Navy and use their bank which is getting rave reviews from the people who hold accounts with them.

Yes, I will still need to have a checking account with a civilian bank so that the boy can have a back-up fund for bills etc. since the apartment company won't give us a discount because one of the lease signers is going off to the Navy for the next few years. But, it won't be with you, dear bank! No, it will be with the bank that the boy uses, because a) he used to work for them, and b) they appear to have better deals going on at first glance.

This isn't a new thing...but it is now rather aggravating. There is no response to e-mails sent nor the on line service request form; I had called them and talked to a live human about looking into the fact that I deposited a check and it never went through and nothing happened. She said "yes, I'm sending out a request now because I am unable to help you at this level" and, well, nothing.

So, bye-bye, sucky bank that is rapidly taking over all the banks in the US!
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