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The Phone Company Idiots

I live in an apartment complex. There are 8 units in my building. Several of us who live here are disabled in one way or another. Our telephones are vital to us.

The Wednesday before Easter, I heard a message on my answering machine stating, "Your line is now clear." I found this a bit odd because there was nothing wrong with my phone. So I ignored the message.

I suddenly stopped getting phone calls. I was calling people but no one was calling me. Finally on Friday someone I called asked my why their caller ID had the name "Bette" on it with a number that was not mine. It turned out that the woman who lives directly above me had been without a phone for over a week, and when they "repaired" her line, they ran it into my apartment.

Late Friday, they came back out and actually fixed her line and totally disconnected mine. I called and raised hell and the manager that I talked to said that he would expidite the repair because it was "their" fault. It should be taken care of by Sat evening. It wasn't. I called back and was told that there was no repair ticket open at all on my line, and that there would be no one working on Easter Sunday who could repair it.

Fast forward to late Monday afternoon. Repairman comes and I finally get my phone back. That evening I called my other upstairs neighbor to let her know that I would not be using her phone any more. (I had plugged a cordless into her line so I would have emergency phone access) and her phone was now out of order. The idiot who repaired mine had disconnected her's.

Tuesday afternoon another repairman shows up. This time everyone in the building made him check their phone before we would allow him to leave.

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