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Insurance woes

I used to get my car insurance through Liberty Mutual. They were a great company, but, sadly, they were bought out by TD Bank. Now, I'm sure that Toronto Dominion is a great bank, but I now know that they are idiots when it comes to insurance.

Last year, I paid my insurance in monthly installments. They sent me a bill where I could pay a designated portion of the bill or the remaining amount due. It worked out well.

This past January, my insurance was renewed. I got my paperwork and a bill for the full amount. This was normal, this was how it always works. In February I did not receive a bill. This wasn't unusual, as Canada Post claims we don't exist. I call TD insurance to ensure that they have my proper address, to explain tot hem that I recieved no bill, and to ensure that they received my online banking payment. Okay, we'll fix it, and we got it, were the replies I received.

In March, I once again receive no bill, and I pay on-line.

On April 13th I receive three letters, each increasingly urgent, requesting that I phone TD as soon as possible. The first letter is dated March 6, the second March 20, and the third April 3. All three letters are postmarked April 4. I don't actually have the three letters in my hot little hands until about 6pm. The number they provided was for an office in St. John's, Newfoundland and I am in Ottawa, Ontario. With the time difference, I was unable to get through to a person (Newfoundland and Labrador are an hour and a half ahead of Ontario). The next day I left on a week long vacation.

On the Monday after my return I receive a courierred letter from TD. They letter politely explains that my account in in arrears and that as of May 23 I will no longer have car insurance, and that The Roayal Bank will be pulling my car loan and repossessing my car.

Uhm, WTF?

So I call St. John's and leave a message with the guy who sent the letter. His assistance returns my call. I explain the situation and she proceeds to inform me that TD Insurance no longer does monthly billing. She tells me that I can have the money drawn directly from my account or I can pay it in one lump sum. However, since I was behind on my payments I had no choice but to pay in the lump sum.

And why did they fail to inform me of this fact when I called to ensure that they were receiving my payments? Apparently it was an over sight on their part, and it's still all my fault. There was much arguing, and her running off to speak to a supervisor, and refusing to pass me onto a supervisor, and her generally having me by the short hairs.

I finally agreed to pay the full amount. I'll be looking for a new insurance company for next year.

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