Kathy with a K. (xx_kathy) wrote in bad_service,
Kathy with a K.

Bad service on my old companies part...

The post below reminded me of the electric company I used to work for. I won't name them, but I'll just say that they are based in Texas, and when Hurricane Katrina happened, a lot of the victims relocated there. So here are some bad service that I witnessed when I was a CSR there:

Evacuee's got free electric for a year, except there were a lot of steps in order to complete the process (they would have to sign up in their name, and the City of H---- would take over their account and pay for it). There were so many instances in which the evacuees would call because they received a disconnection notice since they thought their bills were taken care of. We were advised to tell them that in order to keep their services on, they would have to pay the disconnection notice amount. (Part of the reason I quit, was because it was so horrible telling someone that we basically couldn't help them, and pay us with money you don't really have.)

So pobrecitos, and I felt really bad about that. This was even months ago (Sept-Nov 05 range)

/end rant.
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