po po po po popozao popozao (friedwang) wrote in bad_service,
po po po po popozao popozao

This isn't terribly bad service, but it just made my day kind of sucky :(

I called Planned Parenthood about obtaining low-cost birth control and was told I could just come in and fill out a form for it. I got there and filled out my initial "reason for visit" slip and explained to the receptionist that I just wanted to obtain the form, so she made me an appointment with a counselor at 1:30pm and told me that the application process would only take about fifteen minutes.

I read the sign that stated that walk-in's would have a longer wait, etc, and to not be discouraged if other people go in before you. I'm perfectly okay with that, so I wait. An hour goes by since my appointment was supposed to be called. I went back up to the front desk to ask if by chance my name had been skipped over, and the receptionist kept trying to hand me a new patient slip, telling me that I had just come in (repeatedly, until she finally realized that I'd been here for an hour past my appointment time) and then proceeded to shout (literally) at me that I needed to go sit down and wait. About an hour later (it's almost 3:30 by this point), she called me back up to the desk and said "Oops! I forgot to tell the counselor you had an appointment, looks like you'll have to reschedule!"

I do realize that clinics such as these usually have a long wait time, but there really was no excuse for her forgetting my appointment altogether, or for yelling at me :/.
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