Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

PUD (electric company)

Less then two weeks ago we paid, our home bill, a little under $1,000. Today we had to pay our electric bill again, $515.58. Our next bill, according to them, is over $600 and due in less than two weeks. -_-

I swear, I have NEVER seen our electric bill UNDER $400. Yes, we pay our bills but dammit - why the hell is our electric bill always over $400 AND why are we paying between $500 - $1000 each month in electric? Really, why? It pisses me off that we have two weeks to pay the $600+ or else we'll be disconnected. I am so sick of paying such a high bill and NO ONE - not even them who came out to inspect our house - knows WHY our bills are so outrageous. I keep saying it HAS to be the meter itself and that has to be inspected and replaced by the PUD (state law).

In the two years we've spent over $20,000 in electricty. There is simply no fucking way we could have wasted THAT much electricity. Even when NOTHING is on but the basics (water heater, brand new - replaced last year; fridge, brand new bought last Feb) the meter is spinning like crazy!

Oh and my favorite was - last year - we had two totally different bills from them (within as many days) and yet when we called them about it we get told, "their computers NEVER make mistakes" despite the fact that their computers crash ALL the time (every time I've called their computers are down) and that we got two totally different bills (one was for something like $250 while the other was for over $500).


Every single time I go down there or try to get a manager to talk to I'm always talked to as if I NEVER pay my bills. Hello!? I'm paying them around $1000 a month.

Oh just looked at the reciept.

Previous payment $998. Current payment made $515.58. Current balance $690.61.

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