Anjee (anjeelou) wrote in bad_service,

Icelandair (via Expedia)

Okay, I booked a flight and hotel for my vacation to Iceland in a few weeks via Expedia.
The tickets are paperless, you just kind of check-in at the desk... and in the confirmation email with my intinerary they pretty much recommended that I call and check in with my hotel and airline directly, ESPECIALLY for an international destination. (And, why wouldn't I, really? That's just a smart thing to do when you're using a third party booking service. )

Anyway, the call to the hotel was perfectly fine, but when I called

Rep: Thanks for calling Icelandair, this is XXXX.
Me: Hi, I booked a vacation to Iceland through Expedia, and I wanted to confirm my flight reservation with your airline.
Rep: *pause* Why?
Me: Because I used an outside booking service, and they recommend confirming your flight and hotel directly.
Rep: Oh, you can do that the day you leave.
Me: That seems a little late to make sure my flight is actually reserved...
Rep: Well didn't Expedia send you a confirmation email?
Me: Yes, but the tickets are paperless, and in the email they recommend calling the airline directly. Especially for international flights.
Rep: Well if Expedia sent you an email you should be okay.
Me: That's probably true, but I'm spending a lot of money and I'd just like to have direct confirmation.
Rep: LOOK, if you don't trust Expedia then you shouldn't have booked a vacation through them to begin with.
*I started getting pretty mad and I think the representative caught onto the fact that I wasn't going to take this crap and would probably get her in trouble. She immediately changed her tone and asked for my last name. It took all of TEN SECONDS for her to confirm my reservation in her computer. So WHY didn't she just do that in the first place?
I get really bitter about these things, I kind of still want to call back and talk to someone about it...
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