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I hate to post this because I have always received stellar service from Borders before this incident. I special ordered a book that I needed to have as soon as possible like yesterday and kept repeating over and over how badly I needed this book that that I needed to be called the day it came in so I could go pick it up. I was reassured that it would take a few weeks because they didn't have it at their warehouse but I would be called the moment they got it.
I waited and waited and waited and nothing so I began calling them and I'm sorry to say a lot but I really needed this book and again they said they would call me as soon as they got it in. I told them (four and a half weeks later)last Friday that I would be out of town at my parents for the week and could they please call their number because my cell didn't get service there they assured me they would so off I went.
On Wednesday I got a call from a friend who had needed the same book and ordered hers with me (and left on vacation the day before me) and didn't stop calling them everyday and was informed that day that our books had been in for longer than the 30 days and we needed to go get them now or they would restock them.
I was almost 6 hours away and it wasn't really an option to drive all that way so I called them and asked if they could hold it one more day and they said that they wouldn't and I had 30 days to get it and I never bothered to. I told them that not only was I never called to inform me that they book was in but I had called several times to see if it was in and was always told that it wasn't. He said he found that really hard to believe and that if I still wanted the book it would be on the shelf. So I got in my car and drove the almost 6 hours and got my book and again asked when I was being rung up why I wasn't called when the book came in.
The girl just responded that "stuff happens, you know". Yeah but that wouldn't help me if they sold my book to someone else because I have no idea how long it would take to get another in or if this would happen again.
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