Keely Graesser (keely_graesser) wrote in bad_service,
Keely Graesser


My mom was calling the Nissan dealership to get my name added to the account since I was getting married (4 years ago) and we wanted my name on my car, here’s how it went after she explained it the CSR.

CSR: *annoyed to begin with* We can’t change the account to her name, she doesn’t have enough credit built up yet.
Mom: No, we don’t want the account CHANGED to her name, we just want her name ADDED so that she can purchase the insurance for the car.
CSR: We can’t do that either.
Mom: I don’t understand, she doesn’t need credit, we’ll still be making the payments…
CSR: Yes, but if something were to happen to your husband the car would then go into her name and she would be responsible for the payments…and she doesn’t have the credit to do that (yes, that makes sense…)
Mom: I can see how that might be a problem, but we already pay $30 extra a month in insurance to Nissan so that if my husband died the car would be paid off. We did that so that our daughter would have a car no matter what. So you see the scenario you’re giving me doesn’t make sense…
CSR: So what are you planning to do then? Bump off your husband?

He actually said that. My Mom hung up on him and called back, talking to a supervisor later. She had gotten the CSR’s name and Nissan had luckily recorded the conversation. The supervisor informed my mom that the CSR had, first off, been wrong. A name could be added in a situation like that, and that they had had several other problems/complains with that CSR. He actually ended up getting fired due to that and a few other incidents.
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